Encourage Relocation & Retention

About the Goal

The City will assist and encourage the relocation of strong positive new businesses.

Maintain Access to Vacancy Listings

The City will maintain access to listings of significant commercial and industrial vacant properties, buildings, or space in the City, including the key real estate broker or salesperson involved through use of the Internet.

Direct Potential Buyers & Tenants

The City will direct potential buyers or tenants for retail, commercial, or industrial space to appropriate brokers.

Planning & Permitting Assistance

Economic Development staff will facilitate, when appropriate, planning and permitting processes for businesses that are trying to relocate.

Business Council Partnership

The City will work with Orange County Business Council on promoting Orange County as a business location.

Relocation Consulting

The City may utilize the services of relocation consultants to assist businesses to relocate. Relocation consultants can provide assistance with housing, City services transfers, and miscellaneous issues.

Area Trade Shows

The City will participate in area trade shows that focus on marketing Orange County as a good location for business.

Coordinate North Orange Partnership

The City will coordinate the North Orange Partnership (cities) on behalf of the North Orange County region. They will meet on a regular basis to discuss mutual issues. They will implement mutually beneficial programs and share information related to regional economic development. They will capitalize and market the diverse economy of North Orange County. They will focus on improvements to transportation and housing.