Coyote Education

Coyotes are native to many areas of Southern California. According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website, they are fearful of humans, by nature. Many communities struggle with effective strategies for keeping coyotes away from human and pet populations.

Coyotes are considered "wildlife" by the State of California, and are afforded some protection under the law. Animal Control agencies are not permitted to relocate coyotes. Aggressive coyotes may be reported to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, South Coast Region at (858) 467- 4201 or to La Habra Animal Control (562) 383-4352. It should be noted that action usually is not taken by the Department of Fish and Wildlife for non-threatening coyote "sightings". A brochure, developed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, is available online. The brochure provides precautionary tips for coexisting with coyotes. View the Department of Fish and Wildlife Coyote Brochure (PDF).

To report coyote sightings and activity, the city encourages residents to call (562) 383- 4357. This phone number allows residents an opportunity to leave a recorded message and report information any time of the day or night. Messages are checked regularly by animal control department personnel. However, if an animal is injured, sick or dead, please call La Habra Animal Control at (562) 383-4352.

Residents may also wish to provide information regarding their sightings to the Coyote Cacher. The Coyote Cacher is part of a research project with the University of California Cooperative Extension that aims to collect more information on coyote conflicts in California. The information provided will help inform researchers of trends in coyote conflicts. If you wish to participate in this endeavor, please follow this link, Coyote Catcher website , to answer some questions.

Two coyotes