Ready! Set! Go! Wildland Readiness Program

Your safety is paramount to firefighters, and they are committed to protecting you and your property. If your home is in an area that could be threatened by a wildfire, this new program may help you!

Visit the Los Angeles County Fire Department Website today to download your copy of the Ready! Set! Go! Personal Wildfire Action Plan. With this plan, residents will learn how to make their homes and landscaping more fire-resistive and how to use a series of checklists to create their own Family Disaster Plan. Learn why leaving early - well ahead of a fast-approaching wildfire - gives your family the best chance of survival.

Please download and read this publication now and take action. Your actions will make a difference and may even save your property - and your lives - from a devastating wildfire. You may obtain a copy by calling the Fire Department's Public Information Office at 323-881-2411, or by visiting any local fire station.