La Habra Pillars of the Community

There many reasons why we would love for you to join the La Habra community. What we are asking you as a potential resident or business owner, is to visit La Habra and let the people convince you of becoming or joining one of the Pillars of the Community. If you are far away, please browse through the Life in La Habra section of this website.

The La Habra community bridges multiple resources and relationships together to create a society that thrives economically, provides education excellently, motivates personal wellness extraordinarily, and inspires the non-profit and faith-based communities to become more voluntary. How does this happen in a community? For our city, there are 5 central and foundational Pillars of the Community that mold us together:

  • Schools:  Public, private and all educational entities
  • Non-profit: Solution- and volunteer-based
  • Businesses: Small and corporate
  • Faith-based:  Benevolence and charity
  • Government: Resources and cohesiveness

We appreciate you for considering La Habra as your future home or business. We would be honored to have you become a part of our community and help shape the character of this city.

La Habra Teamwork

It is when local stakeholders collectively embrace each of these 5 pillars that we stand and work together as one caring community.