Youth Services

The La Habra Police Department's Youth Services Officer (YSO) works in conjunction with the GIU and SIU detectives conducting in-depth investigations into any criminal cases involving a person under the age of 18. In the final disposition, the Youth Services Officer will use the least coercive alternative, while maintaining the best interests of the minor and the community. Dispositions may include arrest, citation, referral to the diversion program, or outright release, with no further action. The YSO can also serve as a resource, providing information to parents and guardians, for outside agency resources that can provide various services to families or individuals.

Youth Diversion Program

The La Habra Police Department has commenced a Youth Diversion Program, which offers youth counseling and community service as options to the criminal justice system. The Diversion Review Board meets monthly and looks at a variety of non-violent juvenile arrest cases. For more information, please call YSO Nancy Garcia at (562) 383-4327.

Diversion Review Board