Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit is responsible for the investigation of gang, vice, and narcotic related crimes occurring within and around La Habra. They strive to provide the La Habra community with safe, non-violent, drug free neighborhoods in which to live and work. Members of this unit are dedicated to utilizing pro-active strategies which target street level dealers and gang members who negatively impact the community.

This unit is supervised by a police sergeant and is comprised of six detectives. The detectives assigned to the Narcotic Unit frequently work in an undercover capacity and conduct surveillances. They specifically work street-level narcotic activities, which sometimes leads to more high level narcotic sales and distribution. Their responsibilities include the investigation of all vice activities including prostitution, gambling, alcohol related violations, and investigations pertaining to quality of life concerns. The detectives assigned to the Gang Unit are responsible for investigating those crimes committed by any gang members within the city. The Gang Unit conducts both high-visibility uniformed patrols and plainclothes surveillances in their efforts to suppress gang activity. They utilize proactive gang suppression methods, which target gang members and probation/parole offenders.

The Special Investigations Unit also maintains productive partnerships with a variety of specialized Federal Task Forces. Two detectives are currently assigned to Federal Task Forces that target major criminal activities involving narcotics sales and trafficking cases.

SIU Detective and Police Officer working outside at night time