History of the Program

In 1974, City of La Habra received the first funding for quality childcare services through the California Department of Education, Child Development Division to provide services to 23 children on a half-day basis. In the 40 years the program has been in operation, the City of La Habra Child Development Division has continued to increase the funding level, as well as, the variety of services provided to the residents. Within the first year of operation, the City requested and received expansion of funding to increase the number of participants and the hours of operation all of which was through California Department of Education (CDE).

In 1988, La Habra became the second city in California to accept the responsibility of a delegate agency to operate and provide Head Start services for its residents. Services were provided to 84 children at a local school district site. The City received additional funding for 17 children after the first year of service. A grant for facility development provided funding for the purchase of the modular units placed on City park land. An additional modular unit was constructed in 1994, which increased the service population to 141. In 2007, an additional 60 slots was granted for a total funded enrollment of 201. This expansion also extended the services to two locations within the La Habra community. In 2011, additional services were provided to 20 children in a wrap program option at the newly renovated Child Development building, where the main office is located.

City of La Habra was able to successful apply for an Early Head Start grant through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) which provides services to 30 infants/ toddlers through the home-based program option which began in 2010.

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