Traffic Flow Improvements

About the Improvements

The indications are installed on La Habra Boulevard at Idaho Street in the east-west direction and on Euclid Street at Bridenbecker Avenue (Brio Development) in the north-south direction.

Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) Phases

The FYA indication provides 2 distinct phases when traffic can turn left:

  1. The green arrow, or protected phase, when the left turning vehicle has the right-of-way.
  2. The flashing yellow arrow, or permissive phase, when the left turning vehicle must yield to oncoming traffic.
FYA Arrows

FYA Benefits

This protected-permissive type of turn signal also has utilized the combination green ball / green arrow indication, however, studies nationwide have shown that use of the FYA results in greater driver understanding and less confusion than the green ball / green arrow indication.

For More Information

For questions or for more information, please call Engineering at 562-383-4151.