Changing Exhibits

image of space neighbors changing exhibit

Two times a year our talented curatorial staff design, create and fabricate engaging exhibits in our Changing Gallery. Exhibit themed family workshops, performances and family art projects add to this exhibit experience.

Space Neighbors 
April 4, 2023 - August 27, 2023 
Inspired by the many exciting new discoveries about our solar system and the surrounding reaches of space, the Museum’s Spring 2023 Changing Exhibit, Space Neighbors, will focus on the habitation of Mars and the development of a space station. Visitors will be able to visit the Museum’s space station, where they can dress up in astronaut gear and pretend to go on an EVA, construct a magnetic structure, program mini robots to carry out their commands, prepare food in the station kitchen, relax in a cozy reading nook with Mars and space books, and watch a LIVE feed from the ISS. 

Visitors can also visit the Mars habitat dome’s hydroponics unit, where food is grown using state of the art techniques, and drive off in the Mars Rover, an ATV for the red planet, as well as visiting the surface of the moon, where they can take a photo with an astronaut. The exhibit also includes a real duplicate Sojourner model on loan from JPL, as well as interactive, full-color displays on our Sun, Moon, and surrounding planets. As always, the Museum will host a variety of arts and crafts and other activities in conjunction with the exhibit’s outer space theme. Space Neighbors opened on April 4, 2023 and runs through August 27, 2023.