La Habra FireMed Program

Have you ever wondered who will pay the bill for services provided by the paramedics when 911 is called? The answer is you. The City of La Habra, like many other cities, passes some of the cost of providing emergency medical services on to the people who use them. La Habra's FireMed, a voluntary subscription program, supplements your insurance coverage and helps control pre-hospital medical costs for the low cost of $48 annually.

Any resident within the City of La Habra may join the program. A membership protects insured members from any out-of-pocket expenses related to paramedic treatment and emergency 911 ambulance transportation for situations that occur in the City of La Habra. If you have insurance, we will bill for the services rendered, but will accept whatever is paid as "payment in full" (i.e., if your insurance denies the entire bill or any part of it, you will not be responsible for the unpaid balance).


When the City of La Habra charges for treatment and subsequent transportation, there is no guarantee that your insurance company will cover the charges. The charges may be denied or only partially paid, or your deductible or cap limit may result in an unpaid balance for which you are responsible. For example, if you have Medicare / Medi-Cal coverage, you should be aware that these plans no longer cover the prehospital paramedic treatment service charge. As a FireMed subscription member with insurance, you don't have those worries since you are not responsible for any out-of-pocket costs. Also, keep in mind that the subscription membership covers all family members with permanent residence at your address who may not have the same insurance as you do and may need that extra financial protection in an unexpected emergency. Belonging to the program gives you peace of mind in not having to worry whether your insurance will pay all the bills. The $48 annual fee is only a fraction of many insurance companies' deductibles. If you become a member of this low cost emergency service program, aside from your annual subscription fee of $48, no payment will be required of you; however, your insurance, Medicare, or MediCAL will be billed. If you are not a member, the usual fees for services rendered will be billed to the person receiving the services.

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To sign up for the La Habra FireMed subscription program or to get further information, please call 562-383-4060.

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