Permit Process

Projects Requiring a Permit

Businesses must obtain building permits for construction and interior improvements. Other projects that require building permits are:

  • Additions
  • Demolitions
  • New interior walls
  • Drop ceilings
  • New plumbing lines and fixtures
  • New electrical wiring or lighting fixtures
  • Replacing or installing HVAC equipment

Projects Not Requiring a Permit

Finish work that does not require a permit includes:

  • Carpeting
  • Non-structural flooring (tile, laminate, and hardwood)
  • Painting
  • Wallpapering

Before Applying for a Permit

Before applying for a Building Permit (PDF), it is important to check with the Planning Division to ensure that your proposed business is permitted at your desired location and if a Conditional Use Permit is required. The Planning Division can be contacted at 562-383-4100. For any additional information on opening your business, please visit the La Habra Chamber of Commerce.

Application Process

To obtain your building permit(s), you, your contractor or designer must submit plans for plan review to the City's Building and Safety Division. The type of plans required and the level of detail will depend upon the scope of work proposed. When plans are required, it is advisable to have an experienced design professional assist you. Plans for non-structural alterations, such as door and window replacements, can be drawn by the contractor, but projects that may seem simple on the surface may involve detailing and specification requiring special training and expertise.

For projects involving structural modifications, plans and calculations must be submitted for plan review. A plan check fee will be collected. The 1st plan check review takes 2 weeks. You or your contractor/designer will be provided a list of corrections to be made to the plans. After the plans are revised please have them resubmitted for verification that the revisions have been made.

We offer appointments to assist and expedite the 2nd review of the plans. For non-structural modifications, an over the counter permit can sometimes be obtained by the licensed contractor or by the lessee. Learn more about the submittal plan process on the Plan Submittal Guidelines page.

For More Information

The purpose of the building code is to provide minimum standards to safeguard people and property. The City's Building and Safety Division can assist you in determining what work requires a building permit and provide guidance of the building plan check process. Please contact Nayaly Casillas or Lauren Davis at 562-383-4116 with any questions you may have.