Keep La Habra Safe and Healthy into the Future - Join the Conversation!

The health and safety of our residents is our top priority as we navigate the unprecedented COVID-19 public health crisis.  We are here for YOU - to help keep you and your family safe!

While observing current "Shelter in Place" protocols, City staff are continuing to provide services to La Habra residents.  We are committed to sharing information on what the City is doing to protect and promote public health.

The City must continue to ensure that we are prepared for any medical or catastrophic emergency including preparing our first responders - police and fire services - and maintaining rapid 9-1-1 emergency response times.

As we practice social distancing, it is even more important than ever that we connect with our residents on their priorities and opinions as we work together and determine a path forward on recovery from this public health crisis.

Some of the service priorities recently identified by La Habrans include:

  1. Improving the ability of the City to respond quickly and effectively to a natural disaster;
  2. Maintaining firefighter, paramedic, and 9-1-1 emergency and medical response services;
  3. Maintaining gang prevention and anti-gang/anti-drug programs;
  4. Improving traffic flow;
  5. Protecting groundwater supplies;
  6. Removing hazardous waste from the community;
  7. Partnering with other North Orange County cities to reduce homelessness; and
  8. Supporting local businesses with recovery.

The City is committed to continuing to offer the highest level of service to our community.  To help us do that, we’d like to hear from you!

Please join the conversation today by reviewing the links below to the City of La Habra Community Issues Survey.  

To complete an online survey, please click HERE.

You can also print a Survey Engagement Form and return to to share your opinion on which priorities are most important to you!

If you are a representative of a civic or community organization that would like more informaiton on these matters, or just have questions, please contact us by email at or call 562-383-4010.

Click HERE for City of La Habra Community Issues Survey

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