Texting Program for Events

The City of La Habra has developed the La Habra testing program, an easy way to learn about upcoming Public Works events by text. To sign up for the City's texting program, you can sign up in the following ways:

  1. By Mobile Phone:
    1. Prepare a text message by opening the text message function on your mobile phone.
    2. You will need to send the special textword. Type in the textword "La Habra" in the text message body.
    3. You will need a phone number to send the text message to. Type in 833-888-0541 in the phone number section.
    4. And Send! You are done! A message will be sent back to you thanking you for joining the program.
  2. By Paper Form
    1. At some La Habra events, signup forms may be available to signup for the program. We encourage the La Habra public to sign up by mobile phone as it is easier and is the preferred method.