Fee Schedule for Records Services

Bicycle License
$ 15.00
Local Criminal History Records Check
Verification/ Clearance Letter - $26.00

Please note: If you would like to obtain a copy of your California criminal history, please contact the Department of Justice at                     (916) 227-3849

Vehicle Repossession Release
Traffic Citation Sign-Off
For ALL issued citations - $22.00
Live Scan/ Fingerprint Cards-Available by appointment only.* Please call (562) 383-4316 to schedule an appointment.
Live Scan* - $29.55 Flat Fee
*You are required to have a billing number if you are going to have live scan fingerprints completed.
Print Cards (Hand Roll) - $30.00 per card

The Office of the Attorney General provides a list of where public live scan services are offered: http://oag.ca.gov/fingerprints

Overnight Parking Permit
Overnight Parking - $32.00
Additional Parking Permit - $17.00
Vehicle Storage/Impound Release Fee
DUI Vehicle Release - $558.00
Unlicensed Vehicle Release - $285.00
Infraction Vehicle Release - $106.00