How To Enroll

Federal WIOA law requires the Youth Center to collect documentation to verify a participant's eligibility in order to enroll into the Youth Employment Program. Eligibility is based on the following: 

1. Right To Work Status

All participants must have the legal right to work in the United States. For a list of acceptable documents, see our Document Checklist (PDF). In addition to collecting documents, we also E-Verify all youth enrolling into the program.

2. Residence

In order to participate in the Youth Employment Program, you must reside in one of the following cities: La Habra, Brea, Fullerton, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Buena Park, or La Palma. If you do not live in one of those cities, fear not, there is a program for you. Find the program closest to you.

3. Income

We are mandated to help only the most in need. As a result, we will collect documentation to verify your earnings for the last six months (see our Document Checklist) (PDF). Only participants falling under our income guidelines will be eligible.

 4. Barriers to success

In addition to reviewing your income, we will also ask you if there are any barriers to success. This includes: -Homeless



-High school drop-out

-Youth offender

If you are not one of the above, ask the Recruitment Specialist for the complete list.

We ask that all prospective applicants complete the Self-Assessment Form. You may download the form below: Self Assessment Form (PDF) Once completed, call (562) 383-4227 and make an appointment to see a Recruitment Specialist. Also, be ready to bring in the required documentation. To see a list of required documents, download our Document Checklist (PDF). The list of documents can be complicated; if you would like someone to explain what we will need to see for eligibility, please call (562) 383-4227.

About our eligibility process

The WIOA Youth Employment Program is not an entitlement program. This means that we are not required to enroll all youth. Once you have been certified eligible, you will be interviewed by the Case Manager, who will determine your motivation and eagerness to receive training. Only youth who are willing to make the year-long commitment to the program will be able to participate. Before submitting all documentation, ask yourself, "Am I ready to:"

- learn through weekly workshops

- regularly communicate with my Case Manager

- commit to a job (you may be working weekends) - obtain an occupational skills certificate

- become self-sufficient