Business Retention & Attraction

The City's Business Retention and Attraction Program is a multi-faceted approach that has been designed to preserve and enhance the City's business environment. The City recognizes the value and importance of a strong and diverse business community. We appreciate our businesses as corporate residents with long-term investments.

Program Goals
The following statements reflect the specific goals of the Business Retention and Attraction Program.
  1. Assistance for New Construction & Housing

    The City will strengthen our competitive economic environment by developing programs and providing assistance for new construction and rehabilitation of a range of housing opportunities in the City.

  2. Encourage Relocation & Retention

    The City will assist and encourage the relocation of strong positive new businesses and retain existing businesses.

  3. Enhance Communication

    The City will seek to enhance communication with the business community regarding areas of interest and concern to their ongoing operations.

  4. Improve Legislation

    The City will assist businesses in efforts to influence legislation and other factors to make Orange County and California a more attractive place to do business.

  5. Pro-Business Approach

    The City will maintain and enhance the positive pro-business approach of City staff as they assist both existing businesses and businesses seeking to relocate.