Cellular Communication Interception Technology


The Investigation Division Commander is responsible for ensuring the following for cellular communications interception technology operations (Government Code § 53166):

Security procedures are developed to protect information gathered through the use of the  technology.

        (b)       A usage and privacy policy is developed that includes: 

  1. The purposes for which using cellular communications interception technology and collecting information is authorized.
  2. Identification by job title or other designation of employees who are authorized to use  or  access  information  collected  through  the  use  of  cellular  communications interception technology.
  3. Training requirements necessary for those authorized employees.
  4. A  description  of  how  the  Department  will  monitor  the  use  of  its  cellular communications interception technology to ensure the accuracy of the information collected and compliance with all applicable laws.
  5. Process and time period system audits.
  6. Identification  of  the  existence  of  any  memorandum  of  understanding  or  other agreement with any other local agency or other party for the shared use of cellular communications  interception  technology  or  the  sharing  of  information  collected through its use, including the identity of signatory  parties.
  7. The purpose of, process for and restrictions on the sharing of information gathered through the use of cellular communications interception technology with other local agencies and  persons.
  8. The length of time information gathered through the use of cellular communications interception technology will be retained, and the process the local agency will utilize to determine if and when to destroy retained information.

Members shall only use approved devices and usage shall be in compliance with department security procedures, the department’s usage and privacy procedures and all applicable laws.